Electroacoustic Music Festival - Live Analog Instrument Performance - Western Front

Vancouver Art Book Fair - Live Analog Instrument Performance - Dynamo Arts Association

Sequential Circus - Live Analog Performance - Open Studios

Garden City Electronic Music Society - Elected to Board of Directors - Victoria, BC

Media Arts Committee - artist co-ordinator + co-curator - co-op radio CFRO 100.5 fm

Plug In - An electronic instrument showcase for youth - Vivo Media Arts Center

Nature and Civilization - Live Analog Performance - Gibsons, BC

Neuztec festival of experimental electronic music - Performance - Victoria, BC

Garden City Electronic Music Society - Annual General Meeting - Victoria, BC

Hello, Ocean? - Vinyl Release - Jaz Records

Masterclass - Suzanne Ciani - University of Victoria


Soundscape Radio - CFRO Radio Vancouver

Ghost in the Machine - Live Collaborative Performance - Vancouver Art and Leisure

Art of Beats Radio - Interview and Debut of upcoming Vinyl release - CFRO radio Vancouver

Tidal~Signal - Sound Art Installation - Vancouver Art and Leisure

Midi Sync - live improvisational group sessions - The Copper Owl, Victoria BC

Garden City Electronic Music Society - presentation on modular synthesis - University of Victoria

Vancouver New Music - Reorganized Organ - Installation - Vivo Media Arts Center

Mastic Screening - Digital Carnival - Richmond World Festival

Utilizing Feedback for Recording and Performance - Workshop + live performance - Vivo Media Arts Center

House of Gold 1.0 - Event Curation - The House of Gold

Signal Jam 1.0 - improvisational group sessions - The House of Gold

Lido Thursdays - Live Analog Hardware Performance - The Lido

Western Front and SFU presents - Live Analog Hardware Performance - Selectors Records

Witches and Brews - Facilitation of Natural Dyestuffs Experimentation - The House of Gold

Label Launch Event - Live Ananlog Hardware Performance - The Red Gate (hastings)


Big Joy Festival - Live Experimental Electronic Performance - Remington Gallery

Live Radio Interview - CITR co-op radio

Cinema Paramnesia - Live Projected Visuals Performance - Vivo Media Arts Center

Tidal~Signal Festival - Analog Live Performance, Installation - Selectors Records

Recorded Radio Interview - CFRO co-op radio

Guest performance with Datataste - Electronic Vintage Analog Live Performance - Selectors Records

Phenol - Original Sound Art Created for Celestial Terror - Mac CFRO comission + Master Classes: Composition, Mixing and Mastering - Co-op Radio CFRO - 06/2016 to 10/2016

Maker Faire Vancouver - Textile Village - House of Gold Installation PNE forum

Mini Maker Faire - Interactive Demonstrations of Basic Modular Synthesis for Youth River Market

Carbolic Acid - Experimental New Music - Recording, Editing, Composition, Mixing

Mastic - Audio/Visual - Distribution + Screening - VIVO Media Arts Centre

Twelve High Chicks Magazine - Interview, Article and 6 page Photoshoot Spread featuring House of Gold Visual Arts

Creosote - Experimental New Music - Recording, Editing, Composition, Mixing


Experimental Researches in Electricity - Live Analog Electronic Experimental New Music Performance + Submissions Jury - Bent - VIVO Media Arts Center

Mastering of Roland TR-909 Drum Machine - self directed study - Suite 13

Mastering of Insert, Sidechain and Send/Return Hardware Functions - private training - Suite 13

Mastic - Experimental New Music - Recording, Editing, Composition - Suite 13

Mastic - Music Video - Direction, Conception, Costuming, Set Design - Suite 13/Beaumont Studios

Essondale - Score for Film - Analog Electronic Composition - Suite 13


Rotverschiebung - Audio/Visual - Render Festival - VIFF Theater + Mexico International Film Festival (silver palm award)

2011 - 2018

House of Gold - Bespoke Couture - Hand Stitched Recontextualizing of Antique (50 - 100+ Year Old) Clothing + Genuine Antique Fur Coats - 2011 to ongoing

Self Directed Study - Natural dyestuffs Techniques including Indigo, Logwood, Cochineal


Category Is! - House of Gold Fashion Ball - Curation, Organization, Installation, Art Direction, Hand Stitched Vintage Fur Recontextualization, Styling - 434 Columbia


Her Jazz Noise Collective - Live Analog Electronic Collaborative Performance - The Western Front

Dadabus - Live Digital Electronic Performance - Rhizome Cafe

Signal and Noise Festival - Audio/Visual Performance, Artist Talks, Installation, Recorded Interview - VIVO Media Arts Center

Sink or Swim - Curation, Organization, Art Direction - 440 W. Pender

24 artists 24 hours - Performance, installation - Interurban Gallery


New Forms Festival 7 - Live Experimental Improvisational Digital Performance - Open Studios

Self Directed Study - Sampling Vinyl with Specialized Needles and High Quality Turntable to Digitize and Manipulate in Ableton Live for Live Performance

Langara Photography Graduation Exhibition - Performance - Snap Gallery

Private Training - Ableton Live Digital Production Suite


Silence: Vancouver New Music Festival - Live Analog Electronic Improvisational Performance and Collaboration Scotiabank Dance Center

Faux Future - Vancouver New Music - Live Analog Electronic Improvisational Performance - Mount Pleasant Community Hall

Self Directed Study - Finding Resonant Frequencies of Objects and Buildings Utilizing Subwoofers, Digital and Analog Sound Technology

Self Directed Study - Mastering Analog Modular Technology for Performance with a Particular Focus on the Paia 4700 Vintage Analog Modular System

Self Directed Study - Grasping and Executing Complex as well as Simple Feedback Loops Within Vintage Analog Reel to Reel Magnetic Recording Tape Technology

A New Hope - Installation - Open Studios


Coelacanth - Live PA Project Involving Contact Mics, Various Found Objects and Looping Delay Pedal

Pancake Noise Breakfast - Live Performance - Blim

Open/Inputs - Live Performance - Soma Cafe

Black Hole Club - Live Performance - Soma Cafe

Mike Hunt - Installation/clothing line - Shop Cocoon

It's All Very Technical - Live Performance - Soma Cafe

Space Age - Live Performance - Gallery X -


Cellofeign - Live PA Project Studying Interaction of Cello and Subwoofers, Finding and Exploring Resonant Frequencies in Live Audio Environments

Open/Inputs - Live Performance - Soma Cafe

Hello My Love Petunia - Live Performance, Curation, Organization - Chameleon Studios

BEDMAS - Live Performance, Curation, Organization - Blim

Suite 1850 - Live Performance, Curation, Organization - Harbour Dance Center